• 6 Disc DVD Set

    6 Disc DVD Set

    strong>Containing 40 years of Experience
    This set of six DVDs includes:
    Harvesting Elk from A – Z (Disk #1)
    Harvesting Elk from A – Z (Disk #2)
    Mobile Bug-Out Prototype
    The Informed Woodsman
    Timber Felling: Pro Tips
    Idaho’s Crayfishing Secrets
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  • New Release! Mobile Bug-Out Prototype

    New Release! Mobile Bug-Out Prototype

    Regardless of what type of problems arise, whether you bug in or bug out, people will require the same things in order to carry on. The thrust of this video shows how one might exist without a job, money, super markets or even a house, if certain preparations are made in advance. Read More
  • Preparation.


    Planning and preparation for a wide spread emergency can be an overwhelming task. However, when broken down into individual tasks which are listed in logical order the process is greatly simplified. The most important aspect is to start planning now. Read More
  •  Learn to Survive.

    Learn to Survive.

    In most instances, technology and a little preparation can eliminate the need for a lot of training for an otherwise unlikely event. Never enter the woods without covering the basics, then you will never have to experience being lost or stranded with nothing at you're disposal. Read More
  • Self-Reliance.


    More and more people are beginning to realize that living off the land i.e. raising home gardens, hunting, fishing and trapping are all environmental positives. Whatever the reasons may be for studying this information, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and having the innovation to solve unforeseen problems are the keys to success. Read More
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Chapter 1: Planning

Emergency or Disaster Planning

Planning and preparation for a wide spread emergency can be an overwhelming task. However, when broken down into individual tasks which are listed in logical order the process is greatly simplified. The most important aspect is to start planning now.

Threat Awareness

Identify the most serious threats that may effect you and prepare for those first. Threat to life, limb and then property is a logical approach. Determine what the trigger will be for different possibilities. Nearly everyone will have a different view of what they consider the “biggest threat” even after an emergency has been identified and declared. Whoever ever gets it right will have the advantage. Could a symptom of an emergency pose a greater threat than the emergency itself? Could it be lack of shelter, food, water and energy or could thieves, panicked crowds, police action or the military pose a greater danger? Is there any way to eliminate all of these possibilities?


Determine the severity of the threat and if possible, how much time you have to respond. The biggest decision may be, should I go else where (bug out) or should I stay put (bug in)? If you did not plan for your own evacuation someone else might make this decision for you and it may not be for your own good. It really depends on how bad the situation gets, where you are currently located and whether or not you can leave soon enough to avoid a potential lock down.

Emergency Preparation

Establish an evacuation process and plan escape routes. Gather important records and phone numbers. Make a written plan for closing up the house so time isn’t lost and nothing is forgotten. Store valuables that must be left behind. Back up important data. Establish procedures for executing your plan. Test your plan with drills, so you know it will work and how long it will take to complete.

Not everyone’s needs or motivations are the same. Make an inventory of what you have and what you might need. Cover all basics first and acquire additional items and skills as soon as possible. Make your own list of food, books, gear, clothes, tools, medicine, maps, bedding, utensils and other supplies. Don’t rely on someone else's plan or opinion but remain open to adapting your plan due to changing circumstances and information.  Customize your list and plan to suit your own group size, concerns and circumstances. After all, it is "your" life at stake.

Adventure Planning

If you are planning an adventure outing, be sure to leave a trusted friend with a map showing where you intend to park, which trails you intend to travel and where your camp(s) will be located. Make notes on the map of what you are driving, when you should be returning and who to contact if you fail to return. Stick with your plan. Be sure to call your contact person as soon as you return safely.

Developing Skill

Practice and rehearsal are the only ways to test knowledge, while at the same time developing and polishing your skills.

Physical Conditioning

Get in shape and stay in shape. Preparation will do you no good if you can’t physically carry out your plan.

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    The DVD is very informative and the quality is superb. Many "how-to" videos have a very grainy amateurish substance to Read More
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    Hello John,Just finished watching "the informed woodsman" and was wondering when the next ones will be ready for sale?thanks!be safe... Ted Read More
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    I recommend this DVD to anyone who is wanting to learn all about the subject matter of being an outdoorsman. Read More
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Building A Wilderness Survival Camp

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The Quick Buck Saw


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Surefire Quick Tips

  • Bug-Out
  • Important Ideas
  • Essential Skills
  • Bug-In or Bug-Out

If getting out of the city becomes necessary, be sure that you have a good plan that is well thought out and prepares you to get to a protected location.


Bug-Out Bag

A bug-out bag for each member of the family with the right gear is essential.


Cache / Supplies

Have supplies ready and know how to use them.


Locations to meet

Know the best locations for each season.



Natural, Economic, or Other Disasters? No one knows what will happen, preparing is just plain smart!



Have supplies ready and know how to use them and Backup your Backup


Self Reliance

Become self-reliant and reduce or limit your outside dependencies.


These ideas are important, but education and planning are the keys to controlling your own situation.



Fire is your friend, it can also give away your location. Educate yourself on the proper use.



Knowing how to make shelter is important, but planning shelter should be your goal.


Food / Water

Foraging and Hunting are great skills, learn the area. Know your plants and animals



The smallest injury without the right care can be devastating. Prepare a good First-Aid kit



Depending on the situation, you may want to stay home and lock it down.


Urban Defense

You may need different tactics to survive in the city. Know your situation



Leaving the crowds may be your best option.


The WildernessSources

There are great resources outside the cities if you become an educated woodsman.

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