The Informed Woodsman

This Video Tutorial is specifically tailored towards Self-Reliance & Wilderness Survival.

Video Description

The Informed Woodsman offers a gold mine of hard earned knowledge and takes a different approach to self-reliance techniques, while sharing some of nature’s events that took place along the way.

To survive or become self sufficient in a wilderness environment, one needs to know what available materials are proper for making shelter, tools, weapons, cordage and comfort items. Learn to choose the best firewood for home, camp or emergencies and start fire in extremely wet conditions. This video teaches viewers the easiest way to identify and utilize many brush and evergreen tree species. 
To recognize, and use plants, moss and lichen for making bedding, toilet paper, insulation and medicinal remedies, as well as the use of burls for making bowls and utensils.
 Learn to make resin for patches, glue or sealant. Distinguish types of smoke wood for preserving meat.
Build a hunting blind or temporary shelter using only natural materials. This videos unique perspective has received praise from Master Hunting Guides, accomplished outdoorsmen, campers, craftsman and survivalists. Anyone who loves a challenge and the outdoors will enjoy this video.

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