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Bob Dustrude Quick Buck Saw 24"

$51.50 (Includes Priority Mail Shipping)

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Hand Made in the U.S.A.

We are delighted to have made an acquaintance with Bob Dustrude. Bob is the designer and maker of Dustrude Folding Saws. As plentiful reviews confirm, this is the best folding bucksaw on the market today. With reviews dating back more than a decade, I challenge you to find even one dis-satisfied owner of this well-designed and well made saw. While hand made saws cannot compete with the price of mass produced, stamped out versions, mass produced saws can't compete with with the quality, fit, feel and performance of of a hand crafted product. Bob meticulously hand makes every one of these high quality saws one by one at his home based shop. This is the business model we intend to support.

When you're on the move (for example during a wilderness adventure, or a permanent journey from a city to some more convivial place in the countryside) compactness is a blessing. In winter survival-like situations (while your hands may be nearly frozen) Bob's saws fold from traveling to working position in seconds without any need to screw around with loose parts. Even hands clad in mittens are perfectly capable of the job.

This sturdy, compact, light weight folding design:

  • is easy to carry
  • won't rattle around in a pack
  • maintains high tension on the blade for straight cuts and superior cutting stability
  • stores blade in frame with no sharp edges exposed
  • uses standard 24" blades, and;
  • has no plastic parts to break or clips to loose.

Buck saws are well known for their ability to quickly and easily cut firewood, fell and buck trees.

The Lever Action handles are made from Minnesota Northern Ash. They are hot soaked in paraffin wax for waterproofing.

Replacement Blades $7.00

The blades included with these saws are made in Portugal, and in line with what has become an international standard, they too are "point-hardened". This prolongs the period of initial cutting efficiency but also makes common files useless as tools for their further maintenance. The USA- or Canada-made re-sharpen-able buck saw blades have been swept off the scene by Father Progress approximately 20 years ago. The modern versions (whether made in Sweden, Portugal, China, India, Mexico etc.) are now all "replaceable" -- meaning you should throw them away once they get too dull to meet your personal standards, and buy a new one.

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